The blue-eyed maid,
She danced in the glade,
In the glade she played,
While sun beams glittered,
Where dew drops frittered
The day away.

The brown-eyed page,
He strode through the trees,
Through the trees he breezed,
While summer shivered,
Where meadows whispered
Her sweet ballet.

The page and the maid
In the grass they laid,
They laid and strayed
While the day grew long,
Where the summer’s song
Rang sweet and gay.

The brown-eyed page,
He vowed to engage,
To engage, he assuaged
While the woodland buzzed,
Where the tree tops nudged
The moon away.

The blue-eyed miss
She declined his kiss,
His kiss she dismissed,
While the nights grew cold,
Where the wind foretold
It’s autumn tale.

The brown-eyed beau
Steadfast, he would show,
He would show, she would know,
While the winter eased,
Where the ice released
It’s frozen clay.

The blue-eyed maid,
Inclined to the page,
To the page, she engaged,
While the future beckoned,
Where the pages reckoned
All debts repaid.

The pair they ride,
On steeds astride,
Astride and beside,
While the sun shines bright
Where a child’s delight
Is love’s bouquet.

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