Madness looked her in the eye,
Midway suspended there,
On sagging slack and swinging path,
It blocked the single stair.

Unleashed it then a mighty blow,
That sucked the breath from lungs,
And stumbling back through broken slats
She slipped, and there she hung.

Entangled in the fraying ropes,
She lurched and flailed and lunged,
While madness, hugely entertained,
Continued with its fun.

As leapt and roiled and shook the bridge
She thought at last to sit
And close her eyes, so’s not to glimpse
The chasm’s deadly pit.

In calm she found her purchase fast,
And fin’ly shaking stood,
Then moved slowly, slow ahead
While madness on her looked.

Then outstretched a hand proffered
The ancient malcontent,
But strengthened each successive step
Said “no!” and on she went.

Another half bridge lay ahead
Who knew how she’d survive
The ancient road it’s perils great
And madness just behind.

But more than madness knows that bridge
‘Tween countless births and ends,
So stronger, braver, wiser she,
The upwards climb ascends.

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